Engineering materials make it possible

From small components to largescale structural applications, engineering materials from Mitsubishi Chemical Group exhibit performance, versatility, and reliability. Explore how our advanced thermoplastics and composites make even the most ambitious engineering projects possible.

Hero engineering possibilities overview
Materials that empower ambitious ideas

As your partner in possibilities, we leverage our extensive industry expertise and comprehensive portfolio of engineering materials to take your project from initial design to finished product.

Whether you’re replacing troublesome metal parts, designing an innovative new component, or looking to reduce the climate impact of a product throughout its lifecycle, Mitsubishi Chemical Group can provide the materials, design support, and production capabilities to bring your engineering project to life.

Read on to learn more about the breakthrough solutions made possible by our engineering materials.

CARBON FIBER COMPOSITES Rewrite what’s possible with carbon fiber composites

From raw materials to scrap collection and recycling, our Composites Toolbox helps to bring market-driving, scalable innovations to life across a range of industries and previously unfeasible applications.

We partner with OEMs and engineers, giving them the tools they need to successfully replace traditional materials with cost-effective, future-ready carbon fiber composite materials.

Case studies in engineering possibilities
CASE STUDIES IN ENGINEERING MATERIALS A collaborative approach to your most complex engineering challenges

We partner with OEMs across industries to deliver end-to-end solutions to today’s most pressing engineering challenges. Discover how we’ve helped get ambitious ideas to market, fast.

APPLICATION STORIES Common components, uncommon performance

PLASTIC MATERIAL PROPERTIES Rethink what you know about plastic performance
Wear resistance

Wear resistance

Our wear-resistant plastics outperform metals in load bearing and friction applications and resolve a number of common engineering issues, such as inhibiting mechanical wear and damage, preventing contamination, reducing noise, and extending the mean time between repair.

Dimensionsl stability

Dimensional stability

Even when exposed to high temperatures, moisture, and mechanical stress, our range of dimensionally stable thermoplastics retain their shape and performance integrity, enabling cost-savings when compared to metal components.

Corrosion resistance

Chemical resistance

Our range of chemical-resistant plastics can withstand even the most aggressive environmental conditions or sterilization processes, retaining their mechanical properties without added surface protection.

Plastic material properties - autoclavability


Despite constant exposure to hot water or repeated steam sterilization cycles, our range of autoclavable plastics retain their mechanical properties and dimensions, making them excellent candidates for use in medical devices or operating environments involving steam.

High temperature resistance

High-temperature resistance

For continuous operation at elevated service temperatures, our extensive range of high-heat thermoplastic materials exhibits superior short- and long-term thermal stability, thermal insulation, flame retardancy, and resistance to radiation.

weight reduction

Weight reduction

For all the performance at a fraction of the weight, thermoplastics and composites offer compelling productivity gains and cost savings compared with metals, opening new doors for design freedom.

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