Nothing Comes Before Safety.

That is the philosophy here at Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials. Absolutely everything we do has safety at the heart of it – for our employees, partners, communities and customers.

Quite simply, if something does not meet our exacting safety standards, we put a stop to it. No matter the cost or operational implications. Safety trumps all.

So how do we turn this idea into a reality?

We have a wealth of internal training and learning programs which include:

  • Behavioral initiatives
  • Risk assessments / Hazard control / Work site analysis and inspections
  • Accident and incident global reporting

We also have an internal ‘ Safety Zero ’ programme that recognizes  MCAM sites that are injury-free* for one year or more.
(*based on MCAM sites that have gone without injury for over a year)

Safety across our staff and sites

We believe that all our employees – across all levels of responsibility - have a pivotal role in promoting safety. Employees are encouraged to report and eliminate hazards and they can undertake a variety of different roles such as:

  • Safety representatives and committee members
  • Risk assessors / inspectors
  • Emergency response team members
  • Ergonomic and 5S assessors
  • Behavior assessors for colleagues

Every Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials site strives to ensure all employees (including external contractors) are informed of safety requirements and policies, including their safety responsibilities and conduct themselves accordingly.

Injury-free is a way of life

Ultimately, we want to achieve a culture where injury-free is sustained and a way of life.

Why? Because we care about our employees, their families and members of our communities. We know that we can always do more and this drives us to protect the people we serve, whether that’s through better education, more vigilance or devising new methods.

Because Nothing Comes Before Safety.