We’re wired for innovation

We believe that constant innovation and investment in R&D is the best way to develop the processes, tools and flexibility to find the right solutions for our customers’ specific challenges.

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Make ambitious ideas possible

Our forward-thinking customer-focused approach means our portfolio of services and products goes beyond a limited catalogue of solutions.

We create integral and customizable technology platforms that support our customers from prototype design to final product helping them get their ideas to market faster.

Our global team of experts spend time with each customer, working in partnership to really understand their key challenges and find solutions, together.

Our investments and expertise in rapid prototyping, computer modelling, application–specific testing, and decades of real-world experience allow us to work with our customers to optimize designs and de-risk the innovation process.

DESIGNING FOR PREDICTABILITY AND SPEED We get complex ideas from prototype to production

Advanced materials

Our comprehensive portfolio of thermoplastic stock shapes and high-performance carbon fibre composites covers a broad spectrum of solutions. From low cost to high-tech applications our advanced materials are engineered to handle a range of complex scenarios, covering friction, corrosion, impact, strength and stiffness.

Process capabilities

Our technologies and solutions, including RAM and screw extrusion, injection molding, compression molding and parts machining, allow us to offer a range of production options and scalable volumes from tens to millions of parts. Our vertically integrated structure means our customers benefit from a single partner approach so they’re supported every step of the way.

Engineering services

Our engineering expertise and access to a wider group of over 2000 R&D innovators at MCG, allows us to use advanced modelling and testing tools to support our customers’ design process, stress test various failure scenarios and adapt our solutions to match.

Circular design

Our commitment to sustainability ensures we’re always thinking of the future, creating solutions which help reduce energy consumption and extend the life of components. Our ultimate goal is to help performance while doing our part to use fewer resources to achieve better results. Our expanding recyclable material portfolio and circular design philosophies help our customers reduce their own carbon footprints too.

Advanced part production via carbon fiber molding with KyronMAX®
KYRONMAX ® Breaking the mold

KyronMAX ® is an award-winning range of breakthrough high strength thermoplastic composite compounds, specifically designed for rapid, complex high-spec injection molding.

Easily processed, KyronMAX ® can be molded using the same equipment and tooling as standard for unfilled resins, while compounds can be customized to meet application requirements. KyronMAX ® injection moldable materials retain high strength in complex part geometries, making them stronger, lighter and longer lasting (tougher) than other thermoplastic composite and metal parts.

Designing parts and components for prototyping with 3D CAD tools
RAPID PROTOTYPING Learning fast to win even faster

Our rapid prototyping capabilities allow us to quickly test and improve on designs, parts and processes to find the best solutions. By allowing for rapid injection molding of functional parts with the right materials, our SPRINT (Soluble Printed Injection Tooling) technology allows us to develop, test and improve functional prototypes in just a few days. And our network of machine shops can generate full strength parts in complex geometries to help customers quickly test and proof their designs.

KyronTEX®, a thermoplastic composite that enables lightweight part design
KYRONTEX ® Built for design

KyronTEX ® our innovative new textile-based carbon composites technology platform, allows for high-speed scalable applications. Offering drapability for more complex and predictable strength shapes, as well as the ability to sandwich various densities and compression rates layers, KyronTEX ® is a new recyclable thermoset composite technology. Create multi-layered structures with a variety of strengths, flex and engineering benefits with KyronTEX ® .


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MAKING YOUR SUCCESS POSSIBLE See how our latest innovations are solving complex engineering challenges

Reliable part replacement in just a few weeks

Seeing beyond typical material applications, led to an innovative solution.

Working quickly, under huge time pressure, we used our broad portfolio of high-performance thermoplastic materials and rapid prototyping capabilities to help a manufacturer of equipment for the beverage bottling industry find a replacement part solution that improved overall throughput.

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Beverage bottles moving along a conveyor in a bottling facility

Delivering savings and reliability through carbon fiber expertise

Our predictive mapping technologies and rigorous testing processes informed the final re-design of commercial vehicle brackets with carbon fiber composites in place of steel. Our KyronMAX® materials’ unique mechanical properties and new mold filling design created a more sustainable, reliable, lightweight alternative.

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Muddy tire of an off-roading vehicle parked on a mountain side

Improving food safety through part detectability

Working closely with both the food manufacturer and the OEM, we used our engineered solutions expertise to help re-design the food safe scraper blades used in their new diary processing tanks. We not only developed highly detectable, food safe materials that mitigated costly contamination risks, and also helped improve the equipment design processes, increasing customer satisfaction and efficiency.

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Conveyor belt made from food safe thermoplastic in an industrial baking facility
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A focus on quality

Our total quality promise underpins our strong customer partnerships, and drives our behaviors, processes and product innovations.
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More sustainable solutions

By reusing, reducing and recycling as much as we can, wherever we can, we're helping make the environment and the planet as a whole better for everyone.
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Our safety pledge

Safety is at the heart of everything we do. If something doesn’t meet our exacting safety standards, we put a stop to it. No matter the cost or operational implications.