Custom and sustainable flow systems and lining solutions

From expert design to turnkey installations, we enable safer, faster, easier, and more efficient handling of bulk goods with our portfolio of thermoplastic lining materials.

Increasing efficiencies in bulk material handling

We seek to add value to your business with custom solutions, design expertise, and advanced lining materials that make efficient mass flow possible.

  • Increase rate of flow by preventing blockages, build-ups, and funnel flow
  • Self-lubricating materials promote reliable and steady flow
  • Special formulations available: food contact, abrasion resistance, heat stabilization, anti-static additives, anti-stick properties
Your full-service linings partner

Mitsubishi Chemical Group is an end-to-end provider of lining materials and flow solutions with over 40 years of experience designing fully engineered solutions for unique applications.

From on-site analysis to liner design, material selection, kit pre-fabrication, and turnkey installation, we provide custom solutions and a flexible process – no matter how complex the system – with seamless and efficient implementation in workflow.

  • Custom, end-to-end design collaboration
  • Global turnkey project management expertise and design support
  • Over four decades of flow design and implementation expertise
  • Direct relationships facilitate easy recycling, buyback, and takeback


DECADES OF LININGS INNOVATION Designing and implementing flow system solutions
parcel handling chute with plastic lining
Parcel handling


We offer low friction, electro-static dissipative lining solutions to line chutes for packaging facilities as well as sorting, luggage handling, and more.

TIVAR® DrySlide eliminates the use of sprays and waxes, which greatly reduces the time and cost of cleaning contaminated systems. With anti-static and anti-friction additives, materials like DrySlide promote flow even in adverse operating conditions, such as humid, wet, or cold weather, as well as handling of challenging objects and packages, such as Styrofoam or boxes covered in packing tape.

System TIVAR engineering - plastic liner installation
System TIVAR® Engineering (STE)

Custom solutions

Through our STE offering, we are the only materials provider to design unique flow systems for custom applications from hoppers to trains.

Delivering hands-off solutions using advanced engineering materials like our TIVAR® 88 & 88-2, our total lining solutions bring our expertise directly to you on site, where we evaluate your current equipment and requirements to provide custom liners for hoppers, ships, and more.

We are committed to reinforcing safety and improving material flow efficiencies in any lining application, including stationary bulk materials storage vessels (hopper, bins, chutes).

HDPE dump truck bed liner for faster, safer unloading
Truck linings

Bulk materials unloading

The QuickSilver® family of dump truck bed liner materials is uniquely designed to improve unloading by increasing flow of bulk materials for trucks on- and off-road.

From sticky to abrasive bulk materials, advanced truck bed liners provide easy release and fast unloading due to reduced friction, which also results in longer service life.

By reducing the tipping angle needed to unload, high-performance dump truck bed liners help enable safer operating conditions for both vehicles and drivers, while also increasing off-loading efficiency and reducing floor repair, maintenance, and cleaning.

Application Stories

Polymer lining materials for any application

From parcel distribution to bulk raw materials handling, our custom lining offering helps enable and improve mass flow. Read stories about how lining materials from Mitusbishi Chemical Group improved operations in a variety of applications across industries.

End-to-end solutions for unique lining challenges

From bulk material handling to custom applications, Mitsubishi Chemical Group provides flow design expertise and individual solutions that make the handling of bulk goods safer, faster, easier, and more efficient.

  • Connecting systems to manage flow
  • Reduce or eliminate arching, rat holes, erratic flow
  • Lubrication to prevent blockage, build-up, funnel flow
  • Increased efficiencies and time savings
  • Safer operations through reduced tipping angle
  • KAITEKI: Contributes to circular economy & sustainability goals
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We enable safer, faster, easier, and more efficient handling of bulk goods with our portfolio of thermoplastic lining materials.


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