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We provide the proactive support, insights and inspiration needed to help our customers make even their most ambitious ideas a reality.

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Global expertise and cooperation

We work together with engineers, OEMs and businesses to help develop the right materials, designs and processes to get ideas to market faster, cleaner and more sustainably.

As a company that has the courage to break new ground, we’re proud to be part of a collaborative community of innovators that makes progress together by doing the right things for our people, society and the environment.

Our vast network of expert teams and hands-on approach to finding solutions mean we have real world experience partnering with businesses across a range of industries, geographies, and applications, from Aeronautics to Renewable Energy , Semiconductor & Electronics , Food & Pharma and many more.


“The reason we keep coming back to MCG Advanced Materials' KyronMAX® is that we never fail to achieve a good result. It's easy to forget that these materials are reinforced – they flow like un-filled materials.”
Lasse G Staal, CEO of AddiFab
Lasse G Staal
AddiFab CEO

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The broadest product portfolio

With decades of experience in composites technology, our comprehensive portfolio of advanced materials gives our partners access the widest array of solutions: from prepreg, to stock shapes, thermoplastics and custom-engineered carbon fiber composites. Our high-performance composites are also sustainably produced and recyclable.

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Technological expertise

From polymer development and injection molding technologies to CNC machining and the development of near net shapes from high-performance materials, we have the material expertise, industry know-how and scalable facilities to meet any project challenge

Worker handling flakes of secondary raw plastic materials
Circular design support

Our vertically integrated teams can get ideas from pitch to product by providing full design, selection, evaluation and production support, including waste recollection. From initial consultations to reverse engineering, final product testing and help with distribution, we’re with our partners all the way.

Engineers designing a turbine with 3D CAD tools
Rapid prototyping

Our SPRINT (Soluble Printed Injection Tooling) technology allows us to develop, test and improve functional prototypes in just a few days. Our proprietary software and Robotic Automation Machining (RAM) quickly and efficiently executes changeovers from one part to another on CNC machines, without the need for an operator. This enables faster manufacturing directly from 3D CAD to solid models.


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BUSINESS INCUBATOR GROWTH GARAGE Meeting tomorrow’s challenges, today

We’re partnering with entrepreneurs and innovators to get their engineering ideas from pitch to product in just a few months. Our Business Incubator Growth Garage uses innovative technologies and advanced materials to support and grow new engineering partnerships.

MAKING YOUR SUCCESS POSSIBLE See how we’re solving complex engineering challenges across these industries

Future-proofing wafer production with an advanced new polyamide-imide

Developing new materials suitable for high-tech, high-spec applications

Working in partnership with the OEM, we refined a material already in development, to meet their specifications while actively beta testing its performance in real world applications. Our enhanced polyamide-imide provides longer-lasting protection against oxygen cleaning erosion than typical polyimides (PI).

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Production of semiconductor wafers

Delivering savings and reliability through carbon fiber expertise

Our predictive mapping technologies and rigorous testing processes informed the final re-design of commercial vehicle brackets with carbon fiber composites in place of steel. Our KyronMAX® materials’ unique mechanical properties and new mold filling design created a more sustainable, reliable, lightweight alternative.

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Off-road vehicle in tough environment
Off-road vehicle in tough environment.
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A global partnership

As a company, we believe in not just what we’re building, but also how we’re building it.

Global reach

As a truly global organization we operate across over 46 locations in 19 countries worldwide.


With decades of experience and a wide breadth of industry knowledge, our board consists of passionate individuals dedicated to bringing innovative engineering ideas to life.