Circularity made seamless

Our new comprehensive offering that enables the transition to sustainable engineering without interruption or performance compromise.

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Mitsubishi Chemical Group is an expert in developing high-performance advanced materials. Through our new Statera offering, we provide insight, expertise, and support to create tailored solutions to reduce carbon emissions and enable a circular economy across engineering applications – without compromising on performance.

Sustainability without compromise

Statera adds value through the entire supply chain, with material innovation, custom solutions, and global manufacturing that close the loop.

Mitsubishi Chemical Group’s new Statera offering makes circularity seamless. As a collaborative partner and an industry leader in advanced material development, we ensure our customers have access to our global scale, resources, regulatory guidance, and cross-industry expertise – helping streamline sustainable solutions with strategic, design, and technical support from start to finish.

Our low-carbon and circular applications are designed and tailored to your application, with a holistic approach that enables us to co-create with our customers through the entire supply chain. Our sustainable engineering polymers are fit-for-purpose, regulatory compliant, and consistent in performance with virgin alternatives, enabling a confident transition to circularity. In addition to transparent and traceable products, waste, and processes, our methods and global scale enable consistent high-quality products – delivered on time, in full, and in a secured supply chain.

We further help our customers close the loop with guidance in waste sorting, collection, and logistics. Our extensive waste and scrap takeback programs also ensure a continuous, quality, and traceable supply of raw materials for the development of our recycled engineering products, including our Sterra portfolio.


TAILORED SOLUTIONS Collaboration for seamless circularity

Mitsubishi Chemical Group provides strong engineering, technology, and sustainable materials knowledge, with market expertise across many industries. Leveraging our strategy, design, and technical support, we collaborate closely with customers to address their individual needs and performance specifications, including optimizing more circular business models. Our suite of advanced polymers, including Sterra polymers, demonstrates our approach to creating products that consist of recycled content and reduce carbon footprint.

We enable circular, scalable engineering solutions through custom takeback programs and investment in facilities and recycling technologies, such as our Thermoplastic Recycling Solutions sites in Appenzell/CH and Vreden/D, as well as our carbon fiber recycling site in Wischhafen/D (known under the brand name CarboNXT). Strategic business partnerships further help us, and our customers grow and focus efforts towards a circular economy.

PERFORMANCE EQUALITY Reduce carbon footprint without reducing quality

Through improved machining capabilities, innovative material recipes, and recycled content, Mitsubishi Chemical Group makes the most of our industry-leading technologies to deliver the forefront of advanced recycled engineering plastics. Our Sterra portfolio, including recycled content, is equivalent to virgin materials in both performance standards and ease of implementation across applications. These polymers undergo the same tests, performance requirements, and quality assurance as our virgin products.

Sterra products include defined recycled polymer content and provide up to 90% reduced carbon footprint, as shown in LCA calculations (Cradle to Gate). Our recycled material offerings, takeback programs, and advanced facilities (with sorting, cleaning, regranulation, and other capabilities) allow us to close the loop and help our customers reduce their carbon footprint.

Our initial suite of Sterra products includes the following materials:

CLOSING THE LOOP Circular waste reduction & recycling solutions

The Statera offering includes extensive waste and scrap takeback programs. To address specific needs and simplify individual recycling processes, we develop custom takeback solutions for each of our customers, including support in waste stream management and logistics along the supply chain. Our suite of Sterra products has similar recyclability to our other materials, and material acquired through these programs make up the feedstock streams and processing sites for the recycled raw materials that go into our products, ensuring a continuous supply.

Robust takeback programs allow ongoing lifecycles for our products, enabling circularity for us and for our customers. These solutions help us stay on track to reach our 2025 waste reduction targets, which include:

  • 20% reduction in overall production waste compared to 2015 baseline
  • Zero plastic waste to landfills
CORACAL carbon footprint calculator

The compass to a circular future

The CORACAL carbon footprint calculator offers an initial estimate of the carbon emissions of our material portfolio in your application, providing actionable data to identify the best product options and most effective path to circularity. The tool provides direct carbon footprint comparisons of product alternatives, insights on waste reduction potential through Mitsubishi Chemical Group’s takeback program, and application-based searches for sustainable material selection for new designs aimed at reducing carbon footprint. Benefits include:

  • Guidance to identify more sustainable solutions
  • Trustworthy and transparent relationship with MCG
  • Confidence and peace of mind with quality insights about materials’ environmental footprint
  • Ability to make data-driven decisions on the best product options
Sustainability at our core

Our KAITEKI philosophy guides everything we do, from regulatory expertise to closing the loop and global, low-carbon manufacturing.

We are committed to helping our customers – and our own global business – operate more sustainably. Beyond advanced material development, we also integrate sustainable solutions across other areas of our business. Over half of our manufacturing and fabrication sites around the globe are powered by renewable electricity, leading to a considerable reduction in our carbon footprint worldwide since this transition began in 2016. At some locations we have started to compensate for our remaining emissions via high-quality offsets.

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